(UNIV 1.25) 1.25″ Tapered Universal – Aluminum Coupler (1.450″ – 1.720″)

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Cabletec’s Universal Coupling can used as a general purpose coupling, but they have particular applications in situations where the conduit system is constructed with a variety of different types or sizes of innerduct. The couplings are made like our standard reverse thread couplings except the amount of taper is increased.

The additional length allows enough taper to be machined into the couplings to accommodate a wide variation in the outside diameter of the duct while still having enough thread engagement to give the couplings good pullout strength. The couplings work equally well with corrugated, ribbed, or smooth-wall conduit. Cabletec Tapered Universal Couplings are widely used in repair work and are a practical, inexpensive way of reducing inventory costs.


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Dimensions 4 × 1.9 × 1.9 in