Our (ASB) series of aluminum airtight couplings incorporates the same reliable, full circumference seal used in our barbed ring compression couplings, but unlike other one piece plastic or aluminum compression couplings that have to be installed with some type of coupling press, Cabletec®’s barbed ring thread on coupling can be installed like any ordinary reverse thread coupling.

Instead of a coupling press, a special wide, eight pitch, fast traveling thread is used to force the inner duct over the barbed ring seal.  From a user’s standpoint, the coupling would be installed exactly like an ordinary reverse thread coupling.  Another important feature of the coupling is that the outside diameters are small enough to allow these couplings to be pulled into primary ducts or through plow chutes.

These barbed ring couplings permit tensile loadings as high as conventional reverse couplings and provide a positive reliable seal up to 180 lbs. psi. Being a machined product, these couplings can be sized for the exact outside diameter of any innerduct.

The amount of interference designed into the fit of the coupling will accommodate the .012-.015 manufacturing tolerances allowed in the outside diameter of the innerduct.  Eliminating the cost of special tools combined with a faster installation make the in-place cost of these couplings as economical as any compression type airtight coupling.



Our (AB) series innovative coupling design combines the advantages of low cost, reliability, and a fast time saving method of installation. Each of the barbed rings functions as a separate full circumference seal providing double protection against air or water passing through the connection. The sharp barbs bite into the body of the duct creating a connection having both high internal and external sealing capability and exceptional pull out strength. Sealing and tensile efficiency of the couplings actually improves as internal air pressure in the duct increases during the cable placement operation. These couplings are made for our standard size range of SDR innerduct.  Being a compression type fitting, the couplings must be pushed onto the inner duct under a compression load sufficient to cause the barbs to bite into the duct which requires the use of a Cabletec® hydraulic coupling press.  A mechanically assisted installation procedure insures each coupling is installed properly, thereby, increasing the overall reliability of every connection.


Our (AS) series right hand/left hand reverse thread aluminum couplings are our most economical and versatile couplings for polyethylene inner duct. The couplings work equally well for smooth wall, corrugated or ribbed type inner duct, and are made in all sizes of SDR inner ducts from 3/4” to 6”. Thread-on couplings can be installed by hand or with a Cabletec® hydraulic powered coupling press. The sharp buttress type threads withstand high pulling loads that meet or exceed the Bellcore tensile standard of 1000 lbs. These couplings incorporate a wide, eight pitch angle, which greatly reduces the number of revolutions necessary to install the couplings. These versatile couplings can be used in manholes, direct bury, aerial, or any application except where an air tight connection is required.


Cabletec®’s (UNIV) Universal Couplings can be used as general-purpose couplings, but they have particular application in situations where the conduit system is constructed with a variety of different types or sizes of innerduct. The couplings are made like our standard reverse thread couplings except these couplings have a 2 1/2 degree taper.

The additional taper accommodates a wide variation in the outside diameter of the duct while still having enough thread engagement to give the couplings good pullout strength. The four standard sizes of couplings in this series will connect a wide range of SIDR and SDR innerduct from 1” to 2”. Additional sizes include 3” and 4”.

The couplings work equally well with corrugated, ribbed or smooth-walled conduit. Cabletec® Tapered Universal Couplings are widely used in repair work and are a practical, inexpensive way of reducing inventory costs.


Cabletec®’s (ASP) PE-PVC Transition couplings were designed as a simple economical solution to the problem of connecting polyethylene duct to standard IPS metal or PVC pipe or fittings. The couplings are airtight to 180 lbs. psi, have high pullout strength and easily handle the leverage stresses exerted from connecting large radius sweeps and full-length pipe sections.

The design has left hand threads on the polyethylene end of the coupling. This will cause, when installing the female pipe thread, the left hand threads to tighten further on the pipe. The other end of the coupling is machined with regular IPS female pipe threads to accept a male to female PVC pipe adapter. The male end of the adapter is screwed into the coupling and the PVC pipe or sweep is glued into the female end of the adapter.


Our (PE) series of reusable airtight molded couplings was introduced specifically to replace the costly two-piece metal couplings. Injection molded and UV resistant glass fiber reinforced nylon, are ideally suited for both aerial and underground applications. The couplings are removable and lightweight, sealing completely to 200 lbs PSI and are guaranteed to handle tensile loads up to 600 lbs.

The coupling has now been improved for maximum reusability. No longer will you have to throw them away after a couple of uses! We have installed a standard 10-24 brass insert for more reliable threads. One can easily replace our off the shelf zinc plated for extra corrosion resistance screws for stainless steel fasteners if one needs that “extra” protection from the environment.

The gasket feature also allows for a .020″ to .030″ variation in the outside diameter of the inner duct and can easily be installed with either a hand held or battery powered nut driver. Considering the combined benefits of lower initial cost, lightweight build, versatility and reusability makes this series of Cabletec® couplings an ideal solution for coupling applications.


Designed as a high production tool for installing aluminum barbed couplings, the Cabletec® Hydraulic Coupling Press has evolved into an industry-leading standard for its functional simplicity and rugged dependability. Like other Cabletec® equipment, it is a product inspired by practical, common sense engineering and field-tested experience.

Machine installed couplings increase the overall integrity of every connection by ensuring consistent, full depth, accurately centered joints inside every coupling. This compact, labor saving tool can easily pay for itself over the course of installing 200 or 300 couplings.  In operation, the ends of the innerduct are simply locked into the pair of hinged clamps and forced into the coupling under power of the small hydraulic pump.

Compression springs inside the frame automatically return the movable clamp to its unloaded position after use. The frame of the tool is constructed of heavy gauge 2” steel tubing which protectively houses the hydraulic rams and other mechanical components.

Clamp bodies are machined from 1018 steel billet and have removable inserts to accommodate innerduct of any size from 1” to 2”. The wide base provides a stable platform during the operation as well as a convenient carrying handle. Most components in the Cabletec® DK200H Hydraulic Coupling Press can be ordered as repair items.