Cabletec® manufactures innerduct couplers for HDPE duct in sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 6″ in a wide variety of materials including aluminum, polyethylene, PVC and engineered type plastics. Our production and stocking program is tailored to provide same day shipping on most products.


Since 1983, Cabletec® has been designing and manufacturing the Industry’s most widely used HDPE innerduct connectors for fiber optic conduit systems. We pioneered reliable connectors with the advent of fiber optics, and we’re still leading the way with a diverse line of connectors which will make your job easier and your installations far more permanent.


Cabletec® connectors are designed and engineered to meet the most demanding job requirements no matter what size and type of innerduct conduit you may be working with. From machine aluminum thread-on connectors, to plastic molded couplings, we have the connectors you need in a variety of sizes.


No other company has designed and manufactured more innerduct connectors for more diverse needs than Cabletec®. From Los Angeles to New York and Fairbanks to Miami, you’ll find Cabletec® connectors linking fiber optic conduit across the continent and in many foreign countries.

We are


Cabletec® manufactures innerduct couplings for HDPE duct in sizes ranging form 3/4″ to 6″ in a wide variety of materials including aluminum, polyethylene, PVC and engineered type plastics. Our production and stocking program is tailored to provide next day delivery on most products.

Our computerized controlled threading equipment gives us the flexibility to produce short runs or specialty couplings with the same efficiency as our standard products. The tempered 6061-T6 tube that we use for our aluminum couplings is extruded from custom dies to a machine-ready size. This eliminates waste of raw material, increases production output and allows us to maintain coupling walls that won’t crush or deform.

Most importantly, it means our customers pay less for a quality product that is made right to work right!

Aluminum Couplers 70%
Plastic Couplers 20%
Custom Machining 10%
Customer Satisfaction 100%



Two Piece – Plastic Coupler

This series of reusable airtight molded couplings was introduced specifically to replace the costly two-piece metal couplings. Injection molded and UV resistant glass fiber reinforced nylon, are ideally suited for both aerial and underground applications. The couplings are removable and lightweight, sealing completely to 200 lbs PSI and are guaranteed to handle tensile loads up to 600 lbs. The coupling has now been improved for maximum reusability. No longer will you have to throw them away after a couple of uses! We have installed a standard 10-24 brass insert for more reliable threads. One can easily replace our off the shelf zinc plated for extra corrosion resistance screws for stainless steel fasteners if one needs that "extra" protection from the environment. The gasket feature also allows for a .020" to .030" variation in the outside diameter of the inner duct and can easily be installed with either a hand held or battery powered nut driver. Considering the combined benefits of lower initial cost, lightweight build, versatility and reusability makes this series of Cabletec couplings an ideal solution for coupling applications.

Tapered Universal Aluminum Coupler

Tapered Universal – Aluminum Coupler

Cabletec's Universal Coupling can used as a general purpose coupling, but they have particular applications in situations where the conduit system is constructed with a variety of different types or sizes of innerduct. The couplings are made like our standard reverse thread couplings except the amount of taper is increased. The additional length allows enough taper to be machined into the couplings to accommodate a wide variation in the outside diameter of the duct while still having enough thread engagement to give the couplings good pullout strength. The four size of couplings in this series will connect the whole range of SDR and SIDR innerduct from 1" to 2". The couplings work equally well with corrugated, ribbed, or smooth-wall conduit. Cabletec Tapered Universal Couplings are widely used in repair work and are a practical, inexpensive way of reducing inventory costs.


Hydraulic Coupler Press Frame

Designed as a high production tool for installing aluminum barbed couplings, the Cabletec Hydraulic Coupling Press has evolved an industry-leading standard for its functional simplicity and rugged dependability. Like other Cabletec equipment, it is a product informed by practical, common sense engineering and field-tested experience. Machine installed couplings increase the overall integrity of every connection by ensuring consistent, full depth, accurately centered joints inside every coupling. These compact, labor saving tools can easily pay for themselves over the course of installing 200 or 300 couplings In operation, the ends of the inner duct are simply locked into the pair of hinged clamps and forced into the coupling under power of the small hydraulic pump. Compression springs inside the frame automatically return the movable clamp to its unloaded position after use. The frame of the tool is constructed of heavy gauge 2” tubing which protectively houses the hydraulic rams and other mechanical components. Clamp bodies are machined from 1018 steel billet and have removable inserts to accommodate inner duct of any size from 1” to 2”. The wide base provides a stable platform during the operation as well as a convenient carrying handle. Most components in the Cabletec DK200-HC Hydraulic Coupling Press can be ordered as repair items.