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Cabletec® couplings for HDPE innerduct have become a time-honored component in building today’s vast fiber optic networks. The brochure details Cabletec®’s current line of machined and molded couplings. Every product we design and make provides a user-tested solution to the challenges of connecting innerduct faster, easier and better.

We believe our current line and inventory of standard and specialty couplings is the largest, most carefully engineered and most competitively priced of any domestic manufacturer. We manufacture couplings in a size range from 3/4” to 6” in a wide variety of materials including aluminum, ABS, PVC and engineered plastics. Our production and stocking program is tailored to provide next day delivery on most products.

Our computerized controlled threading equipment gives us the flexibility to produce short runs or specialty couplings with the same efficiency as our standard products. The tempered 6061-T6 tube that we use for our aluminum couplings is extruded from the custom dies to a machine-ready size.

This eliminates waste of raw material, increases production output and allows us to maintain coupling walls that won’t crush or deform. Most importantly, it means our customers pay less for a quality product that is made right to work right! In designing a coupling, we not only consider how easy it will start to thread and how much it will hold, but what its true in-place cost will be to the end user.

The wide pitch thread we use in our reverse thread couplings, for example, allows the couplings to be threaded on with half the rotations in half the time as some competitive couplings. Design features like these save time and money at every connection.

Since 1983, Cabletec® has been committed to total customer satisfaction. Whether you are a new customer or a large established account, your order will be processed with the utmost diligence and efficiency. Investigate our pricing and service and see why Cabletec® should be your single source for all your coupling needs.